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Located just a few steps from Playa Grande beach, we are a small, laid back surf hostel, the only one in town to offer budget accommodation in our shared dorm.  We also offer private cabinas, treehouse style accommodations, or rent the ENTIRE surf camp for your next families vacation.

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A sanctuary for both surfers and turtles

The beach at Playa Grande is the permanent nesting site for leatherback turtles. It provides a safe landing vital to the endangered leatherback turtle. Female leatherbacks come ashore during the nights in October to May to lay their eggs in the sand. They then cover the eggs and return to the ocean.

The eco-friendly Costa Rican government has gone to great lengths to protect the habitat of these amazing animals. This has allowed Playa Grande to remain a sanctuary for both the turtles and surfers alike, and surfers from all over have christened Playa Grande as home of some of Costa Rica’s best waves.

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