From San Jose Airport (4.5 Hours)

The shuttle company Grayline offers service to Playa Grande twice a day and is a great option instead of driving.

If you are driving from San Jose and need directions please email us for directions.

From Liberia Airport (45 minutes)

  • Head RIGHT out of the airport.
  • You will start to see the brown signs with the Sea Turtles on them. These signs are for the Marine Park in Playa Grande.
  • You will see a huge stone archway for the town in Philadelphia on your left. Your continue going straight and will be turning Right soon.
  • There is a large gas station on the corner your turning at. When you pass the Super Compro start looking for the gas station for reference.
  • Turn RIGHT at the gas station. (very clean bathrooms at the shopping center)
  • This town is called Belen.
  • Stay straight  on this road and it will end into a immedialte 90 degree left hand turn. Go LEFT and stay on the paved street.
  • Your going to pass a lot of turns. Just go straight. You will go up and down some hills and pass the town of Cartajena. Soon after that on the left is a gas station if you need gas.
  • After the gas station you will continue up another hill and will put you in the town of Haucas.
  • Stay straight all the way and you will end up in Mata Palo this is a right outside Playa Grande.
  • In Mata Palo you will see a soccer field and a 4 way stop. GO LEFT towards PLAYA GRANDE.
  • Go straight and you will start seeing the different shops and restaurants in downtown Playa Grande.
  • From here you want to look for the PLAYA GRANDE SIGN
  • Please take a LEFT after this sign and continue down the road until it changes to a gravel road.
  • Go straight and follow the sign to Playa Grande Surf Camp.